With the general belief that the future of insurance lies with Retail, we are consistently innovating and creating several models / packages that would gradually unlock the retail market in Nigeria. The Retail experience has shown that indeed, there is a large market potential. However, while individuals and small/medium scale businesses clearly need the value that insurance offers, there are issues of trust, lack of insurance awareness, accessibility and flexibility which has impacted negatively on insurance penetration at the retail level.

It is this reality that has made Leadway come up with several bespoke retail products for the mass market and have partnered with some ‘shops’ nationwide to serve as distribution and referrals centres for these retail products. We have successfully integrated with most of these ‘shops’ (i.e. in excess of 2,000 outlets) and have been tested ready to commence retail product distribution/referral.

To effectively manage all the prospects, referrals and direct clients that would emanate from our retail shops/outlets nationwide; the services of Naicom licensed agents are required to manage and close referrals for a fee/commission hence the development of the Leadway Retail Management Scheme (LRMS).

What Next:

You are enjoined to fill in details of your agency by clicking on Register button above. Once your details have been logged successfully into our LRMS database and verified, you would be allotted regions of coverage along with your login /password details into our ‘Retail Cloud Office’. You can then start conducting business and earning your commission.